Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel

Kooh e Noor Congress Hall

Kooh e Noor Congress Hall is one of  our  best  hotel Services .  This Salon is well equiped and has gaood facilities and is good for people who would like to have a conference. 

Ferdowsi's Modern Congress Hall & Amphitheatre was started to work in 2006, with the following facilities:

320 persons capacity

Professional audio systems for record or play music

Program record capability

Projector display

3 security cameras

50 persons (online 4 language) translation system

Conference multimedia saloon

For more information about Ferdowsi hotel (Iran hotel) and how this Tehran hotel (hotels Tehran) can be your host and make you   

happy, please visit our web site or you can contact us.


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Diplomat Salon

Ferdowsi hotel has a lot of facilities, which cuase to call this hotel one of the best Iran hotels (specially Tehran hotels). 

If you are a diplomat in Tehran and want to reserve a salon for your conference  we have a special Salon for you: Ferdowsi hotel Diplomat Salon.

Cultural Center - Commercial Tehran near the Grand Bazaar and adjacent to the museum of ancient Persia, glass, ceramics, coins and jewelry,

 Golestan Palace, Tehran gate (at the park) and Central Station Metro. Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel in 22,000 square meters of established and regularly extension, reconstruction and renewal. The hotel now has a variety of traditional restaurants, Persian, Roman and buffet, various halls and banquet celebration, modern conference hall, swimming pool and sports and recreation complex, high-speed wireless Internet system (Wi-Fi) and parking, excellent position the hotel industry has created.

If you want to do Iran hotel booking and you are a foreign diplomat, we can help you and we will provide best facilities.

One of the newly build salon of the hotel with exclusive decoration and seating capacity about 300 persons is ready for holding different types of ceremonies and celebrations.

There, with audio-visual facilities you can add to the spice of your ceremony...


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Book Ferdowsi hotel rooms

Now it is time to know how to reserve Ferdowsi hotel online. Well if you are interested to book ferdowsi hotel (That we are so proud to announce  it is one of the best Iran hotels) ploease visit our Booking page and fill the forms. 

As you know our hotel is considered one of the best Tehran hotels. So if you want to travel to tehran and stay in a good hotel with nice stuff, good facilities and best services for it's guests, you may reserve online Ferdowsi hotel. 

For online Booking, you can fill required information for instance your name, family name, your contacts (your Email, your phone number and...) and your checkin/checkout time. your room type. Also you can write your mesغير مجاز مي باشدe if you are interested.



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Ferdowsi Hotel Facilities

As you remember, we wrote about Ferdowsi Hotel services. Now we would like to write aboute  Ferdowsi hotelo facilities  of this excellent hotel, which is considered one of the best  Tehran hotels (and totaly one of the best Iran hotels). 

Here are some of the facilities of this hotel, and if you are goung to reserve Ferdowsi hotel rooms , we think that you will have good time here:

-Sport complex

-Suites, VIP rooms

-Wedding saloons

-Conference Hall





-Coffee shop


For more information about  ferdowsi hotel Services and how to Contact us please visit our web site pages.


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Ferdowsi hotel Services

As we mentioned before about the importance of Ferdowsi hotel among Tehran  hotels (iran hotels in Tehran) , now We would like to talk about benefites and also facilities of this hotel




 Our Restaurants in hotel: Breakfast restaurnt, fast food, Zeiton Restaurant, French Restaurant, Traditional Restaurant and Gilaneh Restaurant.



Suana , swimming Pool, Body building, Barbershop, Masغير مجاز مي باشدe



Sport complex, Suits, VIP rooms, Weddings, Conference Hall, Internet, Lobby, Transfer, Confestionery and Cofee shop.


Saloons and Halls

Almas salon, Negin Saloon, Diplomat Saloon, Aroose Darya Hall and Koohe Noor Congeress Hall.


We try to provide best things for our customers in order to make them happy and have good memries of Tehran. If you see the images of hotel rooms,you may visit our Gallery page. And finally if you want to travel to Tehran, and reserve rooms of this hotel  you can visit our Booking page. 


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ّAbout Ferdowsi hotel rooms

Ferdowsi Hotel is one of the bset Iran hotels located in Tehran. It is also one of the best Tehran hotels (hotels of Tehran). If you want to reserve a good hotel in Iran, Ferdowsi Hotel would be a good choice for you. 



If you like to book online rooms of Ferdowsihotel, you can do it very easey and reserve any kind of Firdowsi hotel rooms you like:  Single, Double, Twin, Royal suite.

So please check our Booking system. Also if you like to know more about this hotel, you may read about us page in our website.



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The spectaular circular and illuminating lobby of this grand hotel is about 600 m2 wide, it is really interesting to know that there you can find no pillars, but different radiant projected colors which will add to the beauty of its ceiling.

Art design in corridors


Our fast, wireless Wi-Fi technology for connecting to the internet is available to our guest at anywhere in the hotel, from the lobby to the comfort of your own room. However you do need to have the laptop computer or a mobile phone set which is equipped with Wi-Fi technology. Hence you can use the internet services such as checking your email, chat, download files without any size limits such as sound and pictures.

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sport Services




Stay Fresh. Look Your Best. With ... Barbershop!

All ethnicity and particular services are provided for men with all kinds of barbering, haircut and men's grooming needs.


Would you like to leave your everyday life behind and enjoy hours filled with excitement?

We aim to offer you a totally memorable experience. Relax and have your aches and pains soothed away with our professional masseurs in the privacy of hotel.

Body Building

This selection has been constructed in 100 square meters in a big saloon.

Our dear guests will have the opportunity to use body building equipments & mase soon.


Light water full of oxygen to fresh up your spirit

Hotel’s sauna & Pool section was built in 520 square meters. The pool is 16 meters long, and 12 meters wide and is decorated with ceramic tile & aquarium views.

Also, dry and wet Sauna in a huge area, with Jacuzzi, and cold steam tunnel, and body building are added.(Just for men)

"pool, sauna and gym is free for foreign guests"

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ferdowsihotel Retaurant


Fast Food

Taste Different flavor combinations in Violin.

Come enjoy a delightful array of menu. "No dough" pizzas and innovative sandwiches fresh from seasonal ingredients served here.

French Retaurant

This beautiful restaurant with a large seating capacity about 80 persons is decorated in classical French style and is used for holding special ceremonies.

Traditional Restaurant

If you are ready to travel into the old days of Tehran, the traditional restaurant of Ferdossi Grand Hotel is a good place, there by eating traditional foods and listening to live Iranian Performance in an interesting environment you certainly will become familiar with Tehran's Old days and memories.


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Royal Suite

Our Royal suite is spacious and has a view of the mountains to the north of Tehran and view of south of Tehran. In addition they include a kitchenette and a Jacuzzi. Our Fast, wireless Wi-Fi technology for connecting to the internet is available to our guest at anywhere in the hotel, from the lobby to the comfort of your own room.


Zeitoun Restaurant

This restaurant can serve up to 350 persons, equipped with audio system, this salon is ready for parties. Also this restaurant is decorated with beautiful painting from Persepolis & Hawaii.
The Buffet of this restaurant is ready to serve the guests with different types of salads and appetizers & delicious foods.


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